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Minutes of the Work Session held October 16, 2006 at 6:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers.


Members Present

Mayor Lopez-Rogers and Council Members                             Chuck Wolf, Vice Mayor

Jim Buster

Frank Scott

Ken Weise

Jason Earp

Betty Lynch



Charlie McClendon, City Manager

Andrew McGuire, City Attorney

Linda Farris, City Clerk

Pier Simeri, Community Relations and Public Affairs Director



Update on the findings of the 2006 Citizen Satisfaction survey, conducted in early October by Behavior Research Center, Inc.  For information only.


Pier Simeri, Community Relations and Public Affairs Director, addressed the Council.  She stated the Citizen Satisfaction Survey is conducted every two years in Avondale.  Again this year it was conducted by Behavior Research Center.  She stated more than 400 homes in Avondale were contacted by telephone.  All four quadrants of the City were represented.  The survey was conducted in early October.  Ms. Simeri stated 78% say Avondale is an excellent or good place to live. 


She stated the survey asked for feedback in about 20 different areas ranging from building permit process, youth programs, park facilities and more.  She stated that in every one of these categories, the city received a net positive rating, which means that residents are happy with the service they have been getting.  High ratings were also received in fire protection, garbage collection, emergency medical services, sewage disposal, police services, special events, library services and un-contained trash collections. 


Ms. Simeri stated that 66% say that Avondale is doing better or much better than 5 years ago.  She stated the survey showed 80% say that they strongly support funding for arts and culture programs in the City and 90% say that water conservation is very important or somewhat important to them and 57% say that they have heard or received information about water conservation. 


Ms. Simeri stated that one of the other areas staff wanted to get some information on was the use of reclaimed water.  She stated there is an overwhelming support for the use of reclaimed water on golf courses, school yards, common landscaping, and city parks. 


Ms. Simeri stated that the Council will receive a complete report for the Council Goal Retreat.  She stated this report is also shared with department directors and their staff.  She stated the survey is part of a comprehensive approach to obtain citizen input. 


Vice Mayor Wolf stated it would be very helpful in the final report to have a breakdown of our results compared to a typical city. 


Ms. Simeri stated staff will ask Behavior Research Center if they have a way of comparing our results to other cities.  She stated our questions are quite specific to Avondale, so she does not know if some of the other cities are looking at the same things. 


Council Member Buster asked how these numbers compare with past years? 


Ms. Simeri stated that it doesn’t appear that our numbers have changed very much.  She stated the ratings were very high from the first survey back in 2000 and they continue to be high in each year. 



There being no further business to come before the Council, Vice Mayor Wolf, moved to adjourn.  Council Member Earp seconded the motion.  Motion carried unanimously.


Meeting adjourned at 6:39 p.m.



Mayor Lopez-Rogers



Linda M. Farris, CMC

City Clerk




I hereby certify that the foregoing minutes are a true and correct copy of the minutes of the regular meeting of the City Council of the City of Avondale held on the 16th day of Octoberber, 2006.  I further certify that the meeting was duly called and held and that the quorum was present.





City Clerk